Review: My Favorite Game


What is my favorite game? Even I myself do not really know. I have played a range of games, but I have never loved a game enough to call it my favorite. 

I guess if I really had to pick a favorite game of mine, it would be the timeless game Mario Kart. 

Now, you may ask, “Why Mario Kart?”

My answer would be, “Because it can be everyone’s favorite game”.

So, am I simply hopping on the bandwagon and just going with the flow? No. There are many reasons why Mario Kart could actually be my favorite game. 

First, the game itself is quite simply navigated, with the controls being intuitive and easy to use. Second, the game is fun for all ages, from small children to grown adults. Why is it fun? Because you can either choose to race by yourself or compete against friends, and a little friendly competition always makes a game more intense and fun for everyone. Lastly, the design of the game is, in my opinion, what really draws people into the world of Mario Kart. The game itself is realistic enough to make more grown up people really feel like they’re driving, while at the same time, still has enough cartoon-ish elements to keep younger children entertained. As the gamer races around the track, the scenery and the track itself has so much detail, that the water, buildings, and even the ground feel real.

Even though I don’t have a favorite game, I have a feeling the Mario Kart is a game that I could go back to again and again, and never get bored of. 

2 thoughts on “Review: My Favorite Game

  1. Awesome job at explaining why the game might be favorable among a wide audience. I like how you commented on the game’s scenery, detail, and how the game feels real because that’s a huge component into game design and the industry. (also, I stink at mario kart but I agree that it’s super fun)


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