SPCS 2014: Thank you!


Over the past three weeks, I’ve learned so many things and made so many new friendships and connections, that it’s almost crazy. 

Thanks to Sherol, our teacher, I’ve learned so much more about design and prototyping, and how complex the game and computing industry actually is. I have gotten to work with many different people, who come from around the world, and have diverse backgrounds, giving me insight on their lives and the way different people work. 



Even though at first I was very reluctant to come here, now I realize that this camp may have been one of the most beneficial things that I’ve done in a pretty long time. I got to know people from all around the world, and meet influential/creative figures from the computer industry who were able to give me insight on the inner workings of their workplaces. 

I’m really glad that I was given the chance to come to this camp, and I definitely would like to spend even more time with all the people I met here if I could!


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