The Binary Calculator!

We finally finished our final project! Although it looks a bit different from what I initially imagined, it still works the way that I wanted it to. 


The user types on the keyboard to input 1’s and 0’s into the application, and those numbers show up in the blue input box. On the right side is the key to change binary into letters. If the user inputs a wrong combination of numbers, then a red error message flashes, otherwise, the application puts the letter you just typed in binary in the pink output box. The user can click on the corresponding clear buttons to clear the input and/or output box.

Although both my partner and I aren’t great programmers, with the help of others, we were able to make this application that we are both very proud of. 

You can play with our binary calculator here! (Somewhat very buggy on the web browser, but I swear it works).

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