Last week, we worked on Arduinos! With Arduinos, we were able to make LED’s flash, change colors, and program


Though I didn’t get to do all of the cool projects with the Arduino (because I was sick for half of class boooo), I still learned a lot about how circuits work, and how not to make my Arduino short circuit.

4 thoughts on “Arduinos!

  1. Taking care of yourself is the number one priority, I’m glad you are feeling better now and you at least got a chance to try out the Arduino for part of the class. Don’t forget that the Arduino sets are for you to take home so you will have plenty of time to test out the other cool features in your own free time.

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  2. Emmie!!! sorry that you were sick. But the arduinos were really awesome to play with. How far did you get and which ones was the most fun creating??


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