Final Project!!


Our final projects are coming up, and so far I have 3 ideas of what I want to do.

The first idea was inspired by all the different eye exhibits at the Exploratorium. This prototype will be based on the Basic Color Theory, and by clicking on different colors/buttons on the screen, users will be able to learn about the color wheel, color harmony, and our perception of color based on our surroundings. Although this prototype was seen in the Exploratorium, it was not interactive, as you would only stare at a some colors painted on a column. This prototype differs because the user is able to click on different colors to learn more about them, and in general, just be more interactive and fun to press around.


Home screen where you click on any color


First shows you analogous colors to the color you picked.

Clicking the button gets you to complementary colors

Clicking the button gets you to complementary colors.


Learn about color context!

Another idea that I have uses binary and is based on an exhibit found in the Tech Museum. This prototype lets the user push buttons to put 1’s and 0’s into the system, and based on what string of numbers the user puts in, the machine gives out a letter, letting the user spell words/write sentences.


This exhibit will fit into the Exploratorium because there wasn’t really anything I saw that was about computers/binary in the Exploratorium so this exhibit would be something new.

My last idea for my final project is about binary trees. My idea would be that the user can click around and “grow” trees, and in the corner, there will be a counter for how many bytes all the trees have.

Binary Trees

This exhibit could fit into the computer science part of the Exploratorium, and teach people about data structures.

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