Stone Librande!

On Friday, Stone Librande came to visit and speak to our class!


If you don’t know who Stone Librande is, here’s a quick summary:

  1. He works for Riot Games as a Lead Designer.
  2. He used to work at EA and Blizzard.
  3. He worked on Diablo III and SimCity.
  4. He likes to build prototypes for his games, and he plays them at home with his family.
  5. He understands how art and programming comes together to create some of the best video games around.

He talked to our class about design and prototyping, and how we always have to focus on the big picture while not getting too engrossed in the small, minute details about the game. He told us that we must learn how to fail fast, so that later on in the process, there will be less costly errors to fix.

I think the most important concept that he taught us was that we should create the game for ourselves, because the game should represent what we want, and the game should appeal to the creator before it can appeal to a bigger audience.

I would like to thank Stone Librande for taking the time out of his day to come visit us, because it was a truly eye-opening experience. Thank you!!1

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